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Windows System Tray Disabler  v.1.0

Windows System Tray Disabler is a small, simple piece of software specially designed to help you disable your system tray icons that are showing on your Windows taskbar. Things are kept as easy as posible: you just open the app and select the action

System Tray Cleaner  v.2.0

System Tray Cleaner is a simple tool which helps you quickly and easily remove unwanted icons from your Windows system tray.

Adsense Earning System tray Tracker  v.1.2

A tool that allows you to track your adsense earnings in system tray area

Stardate System Tray  v.1.5

Stardate System Tray is a desktop widget which displays the current stardate (and other chronologies) in a tray icon. Suitable for any platform with Java 6 or

Windows System Optimizer - Free Edition -

Windows System Optimizer Free Edition is an optimizer software that speeds up your system, giving you maximum performance. It includes cleanup tools for Windows system. It not only gives you complete control over Windows startup programs but also

World Time System Tray  v.1.4

A system tray widget which shows the current date/time in multiple time zones. It also allows the user to display "what time is it in XXX if its this time in YYY". Available for any Java 6 (or better)

W Windows System  v.1.4.9

W Windows System is a compact-sized and speedy windows system.

Remove Windows Security Center System Tray Icon  v.1.0

There maybe times you don't wish to have windows annoying the living crap out of you when you turn off windows updates or anything else the security center complains about.

STADS - System Tray Audio Device Switcher  v.1.01

Switch your default sound card easily from the system tray

Windows System Logo Icons  v.1.0

Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista system logo icons

Plug-N-Play-LinuX-Windows-System  v.1.0

MailX is a POSIXly conformant shell for the X-Window-System, Cygwin, Wine, Linux and the Internet-Explorer-Using-Lot-of-Ya!!!

Click Tray Calendar  v.2.58

It is a user-friendly calendar, address, and reminder program that can be accessed quickly from the Windows system tray. You can create almost unlimited notes, enter repetitive tasks, create To Do lists, and set alarms. It also has a practical fiscal

Windows Service Monitor  v.1.0

Windows Service Monitor was designed as a replacement for the services.msc console. Windows service monitor is a little utility represented by icon in a windows system tray. The icon has different colors based on status of monitored windows services.

SE-TrayMenu Portable

SE-TrayMenu Portable brings you a powerful, easy to use and advanced system tool with which you can add any elements to your Windows system tray: programs, documents, folders, internet links and more, specify global hotkeys to access everything you

Quick Number Base Converter  v.1.3

Quick Number Base Converter is a small utility application that sits in the windows system tray. When you need to converter between decimal, hex, binary, etc -- just click the icon and the converter pops up. This software is freeware.

Desktop Stock Alert  v.1.5

Free Desktop Stock Alerts: Hot Stock Alerts to your desktop by syndicated stock traders. Receive reports throughout the day. The DSA Icon sits in Windows System Tray. When they post a new alert, a small window appears, advising you of the message.

SysSense  v.1.3.7

. It keeps your current Google AdSense information in the Windows system tray. You can monitor an unlimited number of Google AdSense accounts. A sound and/or system tray icon balloon can be configured to alert you when your statistics have

Adsense Tracker  v.1.0

Adsense Tracker 1.0 is a utility to manage your adsense earnings and stats in windows system tray area. You can monitor your daily/monthly earnings by simply moving your mouse onto the program icon. You can configure what info you want to be

FuzzyClock  v.1.4

FuzzyClock is a simple and nice alternative to the default clock from the Windows system tray and it is based on the "fuzzy time" option from KDE. The text of the clock is more human-readable than the standard numeric time, "12:14 PM" becomes

Homeland Security Threat Monitor  v.1.0.3

Homeland Security Threat Monitor 1.0.3 is a distinguished and tractable tool which runs in your Windows system tray and displays the current color-coded terrorism threat level, as determined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.It features

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